Recalling last New Years Eve, I remember being home alone all by myself. Nothing different this year: still just home from twelve hours at the office desk, arriving at an empty place with vast space for thought. The lapse of time between the New Years Eves is quickening, it seems, or less things of relevance happen in between them. Another year, and didn’t it go by in a blink? Like that great line in Uwe Friesel’s poem “Selbstgespraech”:

Wohin denn zerfließt
dauernd die Zeit wo
bleibt das Leben ab was
erkennst du noch wieder
im Badezimmerspiegel
jeden Morgen

But before I start to get into a selfpitying mood here, I’d like to share with everyone the music, no Austrian can be without at the bells on New Years Eve (it is our “auld lang syne”):

An der schoenen blauen Donau, Johann Strauss, Wiener Philharmoniker, Conductor Herbert von Karajan

I wish I had someone here to dance with…but neither is the danube blue. Nevertheless, I am going to have a fine little party with myself, celebrating the fact that I am alive. I will tak that cup of kindness for the sake of auld lang syne later on, since I am not someone to forget auld acquaintance and kindnesses offered. All the best to whoever reads this in 2009!