splish splash

Got wet today, more than once. I love storms and heavy weather, if I can watch savely from inside or some such cover, that is. However, torrent rains got me twice today. But how did that old Austrian saying go: Mairegen macht schön, so there’s nothing to be lost really, but all to be gained. And as it was a warm day, too, I enjoyed the experience. Also funny: at the bridgeclub one of my card friends, who came some 15 km by bicycle and arrived soaked to the bone, just took off his trousers and played all evening in shirt and underpants. As he is a skinny man in his 60ties with a very frail frame and wavy, grey locks and beard, it was an awesome sight. Some sticky out pair of knees, I tell you. Anyways, no need to take a bath today. Good times all around, including great entertainment last night at the Monday night blues session at Acud again. Almost talked a plump girl from Cologne out of her REALLY high heeled Hugo Boss shoes. Unfortunately she wasn’t going to swap them for my Chucks. As I wouldn’t have swapped my attendance for the night, either. Presently, I can go without the otherwise very consolatory feeling of beautiful shoes. Women seem to tick that way.

Bobby Darin, Splish splash