sunday matinée

As a coblogger and I were joking about violists this week, I feel I have to make up for the fun we made of a branch of musicians that don’t really deserve the jokes and cynical comments all that much. So this Sunday I wish to give you the opportunity to listen to the probably greatest violist ever, William Primrose. He was a born Glaswegian (1904-1982), playing an Amati viola which used to belong to his dad. Now the instrument is owned by Roberto Diaz. Today’s piece also has an interesting story to tell: the composer, violist Henri Casadesus, published it under Handel’s name. Later, in court, he admitted to have written it, but the piece is still widely known as one of Handel’s works. Enjoy the music!

William Primrose, Handel/Casadesus concerto mvmnt 1

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    1. Or else he thought: “Bloß keine Händel deswegen!” Which he seemingly got later anyways, since he was forced in court to admit it was him who composed the piece.


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