drop me a line

This morning I got to read the first page of a novel. Written in the small hours of the morning, apparently, since the ink was not dry yet at 06:30 in the morning, figuratively speaking. As this is not exactly the time of day, at which my brain – or anything else about me – can properly function, I can not tell, whether the writing was any good. And it was just a little more than one page. However, I took away the feeling I want to learn more of what was beginning to unfold on that page. And now, after a long day at work, my thoughts turn back to what I have read this morning and I start to wonder: what’s gonna happen next? Who are the people in this story? Those, who appear on the first page, at least. Will they come to life between covers at all? Will there ever be a second page? I’ll just have to wait and see.

The Somebody’s, Drop me a line

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  1. Usually when I start reading a book or a novel, I read few lines on the first pages and few on the last pages. With every line the novel turn more and more exciting.

    Very powerfull music and an very appealing CD-COVER.


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