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Project in progress : cat sitting, part 3

Am starting to feel like sending a message to myself. As I am staying outwith Berlin, away from home, sittig a cat in an otherwise empty house for the second week now. Getting used to madame ignoring me still. The whining during nighttime lessened a little, but her striving to wake me around five in the morning to get me up and give her some fresh fodder still continues. Nevertheless, the animal seems to give in a little. I caught her staring at me with curiosity a while ago. Last evening she even jumped onto the table while I was reading the papers, attempting to rub her head on my arm. I hesitated to accept. I have my pride, too. But just now, as the cat sits on the chair next to me, watching me search for a certain video (Soulsavers feat. Lanegan, new album), I thought I heard that most comforting sound: a cat purring. So maybe, at the end of this week, we might get along fine. Who knows?
Meanwhile, I’ll post a Lanegan song to entertain myself. And maybe some of you.

Message to mine, Mark Lanegan

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  1. i am not sure the term even exists in German. I would use “generator for creating sympathy” or something to that meaning. what on earth do you want to use it for?


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