thin-soled dumbo

While my fingers slowly thaw, I will tell you about today’s adventures: I met a friend in town and planned on some Christmas shopping. As I have to find some presents for strangers (mother and auntie), as you might remember. And the temperature was about -15° today. Since I forgot my warm boots at my love’s house, I thought my chucks would do. However, Mrs. Dumbo left her headlights on while browsing the shops. Only to find the battery absolutely flat upon return, the car of course making not a peep. So I stood there, thin-soled, with wet feet, for an hour or so until a nice guy who parked alongside was giving me a jump start. I was so cold by then that I hardly could turn the key in the ignition. And I had to drive around for almost an hour for fear of another dead battery tomorrow morning. What with the weather forecast showing another freezing day. It has been a long time since I have felt so cold. Even now, after a hot bath and a cup of steaming tea plus an additional whisky, I still shiver. Best to have another wee drammy, I think. What do we have here: a nice little quarter cask strength Laphroaig Islay Malt, non-chill filtered, double cask matured. Oak and peat, this taste should warm my bones, I hope.

The Pogues & Dubliners, Whiskey in the jar