league weekend

Today this years bridge league starts. So, in two hours time I’ll sit at the table, competing again. Will be hard to concentrate for hours on end, as last night was really late. And I am sure the last glass of wine was off, somehow. Otherwise the slight headache can not be explained. However, it was nice to meet former colleagues again. Once a year we have our so called “veterans meeting”. Ex-staffers from trainee to temp to pro to marketing manager: whoever used to work for the place I am still at, is welcome. Oddly enough, I am the only person invited who still works there. I had fun and it is always nice to catch up on whats going on in all this peoples lives. Well worth the hardship awaiting me today. Good thing about today, though: as Berlins top team duffed it last year and thus dropped out of the federal league, having to play the regional league again, my sweetheart plays at the same venue, too. Mind you, even the regionals are way out of reach for my team. We play in the dumbo league. But as eagerly as anyone else will do this weekend all over Germany. So, wish us luck.