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Was it but two years ago that I got internet for my private use? How did I live before that? Can anyone of you remember how that was? Well, I can now. I spent the last two days at a place where the internet connection did not work. Due to whatever technical malfunction or simply because of the cold: no connection. After spending three hours of trying every cable, reinstalling every software needed, talking endlessly to providers and phone companies and even contemplating to get new hardware, I gave in. And thought about something else to do with a holiday day other than sitting in front of the screen. So tons of paper got sorted through, an entire office got cleaned and dusted, spider webs hoovered from the farthest corners of the room, new files established (real ones, to store papers in), even a book was discovered and read through halfway. If it had been good, I surely would have finished it. But is was about giving up smoking. I must have fallen asleep over it, as this topic is of no interest to me. I have no inclination of stopping to smoke. This morning, as I had my coffee, I wandered about the place, admiring the tidy look. Almost feeling sorry, that this was not my place. However, being back home, at least the internet works properly. So I can enjoy Horst Evers ranting on about installation difficulties.

Horst Evers

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  1. well, I guess people knew how to read maps. and pre-cellphone times must have been een blissful. but no internet: not for me, anymore.


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