The grass is always greener on the other side. For this one the coin into the phrase piggy bank comes easy to me. Looking out of the window, I see snow blown about by a rather gusty breeze. But a blog pal – the one with the wanderlust I told you about recently – posted a little video walking the Andalucian shores. Lifted my spirits immediately. Blue skies, a shoreline, the sound of the surf. I take the shadow featuring an impressive walking stick and brisk strut to be Mr. Pestkrause himself. And am beamed back to the seaside, tasting the salty air, losing myself in the endlessness of ocean stretching before me. Don’t get me wrong: I like winter, but this little break I am thankful for.

Auf Spaziergang mit Herrn Krause

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  1. I got some files from the storm too. If you wanna see how mighty nature can be watch out for new uploads.

    And thanks for linking! Greets!


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