yep, the girls

Having much fun with my nieces. They have grown into young ladies now. Except for the baby girl, who is five now. As I have been informed proudly upon arrival: “Auntie, I am five already!”, her hand with the fingers spread out flung up into my face. The arrival at the airport was kind of embarrassing all together. As all three girls and their parents were there, holding up a huge poster reading “AUNTIEMONSTER” at the gate. The girls favourite game when they were little, me impersonating the perfect monster, something that came easy to me. Not much acting involved. And the kids enjoyed watching me making a fool of myself immensly. But to have all and sundry in the airport hall waiting eagerly to see who would be that monster of an aunt coming out is something slightly different. Not to worry, all strangers to me, so what the heck. My sister told me they had lots of fun waiting, fighting with hotel shuttle-bus drivers for a good spot to display that poster. Drawing everyones attention on what that thing actually read.
Today we enjoyed a lenghty walk in the sun. Still cold but much easier to stand if the sun is out.