Tonight I spoke to a customer of mine. I know him for maybe 11 years. He is about 70 years old and during the time I know him he withered away to almost nothing. Due to a severe illness which he fights with all his might, his body twindled to next to nothing. Bent, his sinews shortening in a way that his fingers, back and other extremeties seem cramped. Nevertheless: he’s out on the course, playing whatever golfgame is left in him. Never complaining, never ill tempered. And one can see he is in great pain most of the time. For months on end he doesn’t show up, too ill to even come out for a coffee. I have a lot of respect for people like him. Not letting their blatantly obvious weakness, indeed, their imminent death, interfere with their own or other peoples to and fros. Still extending courtesy to those around. Not begging for sympathy or giving in in the slightest way. So tonight, as the opportunity arose, I just payed him a compliment. Expressing that he was one of the reasons why I love my job. That people like him make it worthwhile coming out every day and make me love what I am doing. And that I consider him a gentleman. And a 70 year old man’s reaction taught me, what life is all about. It is really about considering others. And be it is just for a moment.

Gentleman, Serenity