round two

At the open, round two could not be completed last night due to heavy rainfall and gusty winds. Presently in the lead Mr. Louis Oosthuizen from South Africa with -10. The rest of the field commenced play since 07:30 in the morning. Around 10:00 round three will start.Good news for Germany too: Martin Kaymer made the cut, by the looks of it. In golf, the cut means, at a given round in a several round tournament it is stipulated that of a field of – say 120 – players only those with a score of XX or better will be allowed to play on. The rest drops out of the tournament. Yesterday, five-time Open Champion Tom Watson raised roaring ovations, the way it is traditionally done: upon reaching the famous Swilcan Bridge, the player takes a bow to those gathered around hole 18. Thus, every great player says good bye to the Professional Tour at the time of their retirement. Quote Mr. Watson upon this unforgettable occasion: “It’s my last Open at St Andrews. I thought of Arnold on the bridge. I thought of Jack on the bridge, and their last Opens were both right here at St Andrews. My last Open is not right here, the good Lord willing. The creek don’t rise, as they say, and I have a few more years left.”

Tom Watson
Good bye Tom Watson, click=source