I just looked at annalenas blog entry about Vancouver. And noticed, that I like skies. From all my travel I always took away that special memory of a certain sky. Different from the shade of light irradiated where I live normally. The unfamiliar cloud formations, the peregrine speed of cloud movement. The shades of blue or the weights of gray quite foreign. As it is with travel, you are not at the same spot for a very long time, usually. I recall skies abroad, that I longed to watch in their seasonal changes during the course of a whole year. As I still notice the difference in sky appearances in Berlin compared to my native country in the alps. It is not so much about more or less beauty but the different texture of background – or should one call it toplift vs. topweight – provided to your existance. Skies influence how you feel on any given day. I am also glad, I am not a Gauloise. Hence, I am not scared of the skies dropping on me.