Today was the first time I went to the woods around Berlin to look for mushrooms. Either because there are too many people roaming the woods or because I am not accustomed to that type of wood, the result was meagre. Just enough to have one dinner, I guess. And only some bay boletus. I was hoping for some real boletus or – even better – some chanterelles. But none, what so ever. I found a couple of specimen I haven’t seen before but would have cooked, nevertheless. The guys looked ok and tasty to me. Fine gills underneath a brownish hood, thin long, creamy-coloured stems. Plus, there were loads of them. But my sweetheart refused to let me have them. So I left the little fellows in the ground. Apart from a small specimen and one grown-up. In order to find out at home, whether one could take them the next time. However, I could not find a picture, that matched close enough to be a hundred percent certain. And now I’m waiting for today’s booty to be cooked for me. Along with some vegetables, potatos and rabbit roast. Hmmm, hmmm.

The Mushroom Song,