the show must go on

Well, life continues and so mood and work fall back into their usual state and routine. With maybe a tad more hassle at work, since there is not much assistance there, now. But the season runs to its natural end at this time of the year, anyways. So everything seems manageable, albeit I am missing out on my well-deserved time off during autumn/winter as long as I haven’t replaced staff. But I am confident to be able to find qualified replacement rather soon.
However, I am left with a bitter taste on my tounge. Figuratively speaking. I feel subdued and muffled, somehow beaten. This too shall pass, I know. But for the time being, this inner state manifests itself in restlessness plus shoulder and neck pains.
On the bright side, though: friends and acquaintances have offered support and helped me out with their willingness to listen to my trouble. I am grateful for that.

LCD Soundsystem, All my friends