finally moving

Today we finally start to move back into our clubhouse. Ok, we started to prepare it for weeks now. About 600 rental boxes in which our customers keep their sports gear locked have been carried into the cellar already and are now being repaired and straightened up. The big hall in which the lockers were stored during the last two years has been taken down and re-erected at its final location at the greenstaffs quarters. It will serve as repair and storageroom for our machinery from now on in. The file archive has been brought back into the cellar, too. Hundreds of files worth ten years of red tape. But the office starts today. On Wednesday the technicians shall switch the server and phone finally over to the new location. Everything else has to move untill then. Tomorrow afternoon after closing business I will unplug the last computer and carry it over. Boy, am I glad to get into heated rooms again. Yesterday was again really cold. And this week the big freeze is due. So it is high time to leave our tin-boxes.

Finally moving, Pretty Lighs