As my working day yesterday consisted of 8 hrs talking to people, I didn’t want to speak any more. I always find it difficult to just small talk. What with 220+ guests, there was lots of it and the talk was very small, indeed. I was so glad not having to say a thing all evening. My sweetheart just cooked for me and didn’t expect any response to his reports of his day. Maybe he was glad, he got an opportunity to speak. As it usually is me, who speaks endlessly, trying to get rid of whatever happened that day. And he is a great listener. In the sense, that he understands the function, this word flow at the end of a day has for me. Once the events are summed up and adressed at someone, I can close that chapter. I really don’t expect comments or am looking for help. I just need an interested counterpart to listen. Or pretend to listen. That’s also fine, most of the time. Feels like having a shower. Cleansing my inner system. Making room for other topics, enabling me to turn my attention to different things. But I digress. What I actually wanted to mention is the feature about hearing, I watched on TV yesterday. It was very intersting and drew my attention to a sense I constantly use but hardly ever notice, really. A girl, born deaf, who learned to speak was mentioned. This is almost impossible. She learned it by feeling the vibes her own voice produces. She also lip-reads. They visualised her world, showing her listening to someone with the sound of the speaker turned off. I had no clue what was being said. But she was able to respond. Also, a group of students of cinematography were blindfolded, given videocams and were asked to film what they hear. Now that was a very impressive way of explaining the difference between sound and vision. One could clearly see the three-dimensionality, sound has. Very interesting, indeed.