I want to drown. Next best thing would be to dowse my exhaustion and disappointment in lots and lots of alcohol. Can you believe it? We just moved into a newly rebuilt and decorated house (with inhuman extra-effort of all staff and many members) and arseholes contributing nothing, neither financiallly nor with their own hand’s work, disrespect all of it in a way that makes me want to puke. Complaining about minor restrictions, as some of the construction works outside had to stop due to the harsh winter coming early, leaning their sports gear against newly painted walls, pulling their trolleys over freshly carpented floors and even stairs. It is unbelievable. I want to just kick them out. No regard for other peoples money and hard work. I was so agasht at this behaviour that I could not decide whether to scream at those concerned or break into tears. Instead I did, what I usually do, when cornered in such a way: nothing. Politely so. Will get back at those shitty people in due time. They will need something off me, sooner or later. They all do. I just feel sorry for my sweetheart. Who has to deal with an angry ball of woman now. Having no fault at all.

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    1. ^^ only during the last couple of years 5-9 I came to truely appreciate recorded live music and concerts, would have loved to link monkey man as reply but alas the clip in question was taken down, so why not completely contradict myself by linking a studio recorded version of it? ^^


  1. I hear ya. Having flashbacks reading this of ppl in the streets, of students, even of my yob siblings and of how a teenage-schmeid was trying to tip the scales to ease their disregards impact on our parents. shitty thing is that kind of behaviour tends to stick with kids and blooms in their adulthood ….

    polite and silent.
    passive-aggressive perchance? with a torture room and some
    oh wait, you ‘re not driving out into the woods late at night, digging pits to discard of the stockpile of arseholes around, are you? :>>

    lets all try to imitate this character without actually possessing any skill, having any knowledge or empathy hooray!

    don’t let ’em get cha down ^^


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