6 thoughts on “mighty funnies

      1. had to look up potential alternative meanings for “sire”, did so, learned something new ^^, grinned for a good 20 seconds … started typing, going to end this comment with a closed parenthesis to alleviate pain rooted in this comment. đŸ˜›

        apropos “hippy to sire” … MP’s 4 Yorkeshiremen comes to mind

        sire? oh we used to dreaaaam of siring around

        sire? luxury!



      2. I really like the way your brain works. you’re humourous in the truest sense of the term. to add a little parenthesis of my own: hell is in hello. so is heaven, btw. I never meant to cause any pain by commenting in this way. but let’s not go down the same road the four yorkshire men do đŸ˜‰


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