at long last

At long last I decided to opt for the Pro status on this here blog. I’ll see how that affects things. As I am not a computer wizard, I fear it won’t come to much. But who knows. I was tempted for a long time. Being the wife of a golf pro – officially at least – , I was craving the opportunity to be a pro myself. Guess I spent too many years being just the wife of someone important. And as this nice tune suggests, everything shall be different, as soon as I turn pro. I hope for the best.

Alles wird sich ändern wenn ich Pro bin, Jan Hegenberg

2 thoughts on “at long last

  1. lol!
    you really think, this thing works like a sports studio membership? as soon as you paid a fee you frequent it less often? never thought about that.


  2. it’s s evil plan
    to have you feel at ease and in the
    mood to divulge even more
    marketable information & subsequently having them create
    more befitting ads – shown to & tailored for the plebs bulk of readers (e.g. schmeids of all ages)… in a twisted quirk of faith you ll now be able to frequent the blog less often without feeling bad about it, in fact you can now rest on your laurels on grounds of having already helped improve the lives of all who read your blog in the 1st place. ^^

    just you wait till word of mouth about this new development kicks in, I can hear them chant in the streets now:

    free tibet!
    pro choice!



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