I sometimes wonder

I sometimes wonder how it will feel to die. I don’t mean the sudden, violent death caused by accidents, crime or on a battlefield but the regular lot befalling most of us. Caused by old age/end of life span and connected illnesses. This morning I read a post in mithomail’s blog about death – experiences which brought the topic back to my mind. As I hardly ever am in contact with death or dying people, I have no clue. Medical staff or people working in old folks homes might be able to offer a better insight into the process of dying. One hears phrases like “death struggle, “mortal agony”, “passing away peacfully”, “paying the debt of nature” or “fading away”. If I had a choice, I would opt for the peaceful way. I guess that would correlate with the bible phrasing of “getting old and satisfied with years, gradually dying” (2 Chronicles 24:15), something I used to be most impressed with when I was a kid. Second best would be fading away. In my case most likely caused by the after effects of the many cigarettes I smoke. Wait, I reconsider: just shoot me.