the end of the world

I received an invitation recently. To a party to mark the end of the world. Here’s an excerpt of some of the invitation’s text:

21. Mai 2011
Is The End Nigh? We’ll Know Soon Enough
May 21, 2011, according to some Christians, is Judgment Day, when the true believers will fly up to heaven while destruction befalls the rest. Disciples of this message are spreading the message of God’s imminent wrath — and feverishly preparing for the Final Day.

Wir feiern das Ende der Welt und ihr seid herzlich eingeladen.
Open House am 21. Mai, ab fünf vor 12:00 bei uns im Garten. Kommt wann immer ihr wollt. Bei Regen wird das Fest abgesagt. Bei Sintflut nicht. Um Antwort und keine Geschenke wird gebeten.

Added to the text were a couple of clips from TIME’s News Feed on Judgement Day apparently due during the next hour.

Of course, this was just a funny way to ask people round to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of said friend. Which to him, according to the rest of the text, always was a date he wasn’t able to think beyond. Which is all nonsense, of course, as he is one of the fittest, liveliest and loveliest guys I know.

At the end of the invitation, a list of all the goodies to be served tonight, was given: Kesselgulasch, Bier, Grill, Wein, Salatbuffet, Kuchen, Rapture. In that order. Knowing the quality of self-made wine and spirits in this house, I am certain about the rapture coming true. Wish, I was there. Ah, what I have to miss out on. And so close to the end of the world, too….

However, being quite experienced in the-end-of-the-world scenarios, as my parents believed in several (and I outlived them all, so far), all I can do in the remaining time, is send you this little cartoon for a present:
click=source, xkcd on religions

It is not five to twelfe, yet. So: Happy Birthday!