good vs. bad taste

Home Design. Every woman is into that. Countless glossy magazines are proof thereof. One of those magazines is even called SCHÖNER WOHNEN, the term itself being the perfect description of this phenomenon. I used to be into that as well. When I first moved into our house with my husband, I was driven with decorational questions, arrangements, furniture, the lot. Might well be, I was a tad more into a clear concept and the idea of “less is more” than others, but nevertheless, SCHÖNER WOHNEN it was. What a nonsense. Just have a look into Geschmacksausstellung, an article I found in Spiegel online. Funding or lack thereof is no argument when considering taste. Many manage to surround themselves with private environments of extreme ugliness at high expenditure. Maybe this is just so they won’t clash so much. Makes them blend in. Ugly people in ugly surroundings, expensive or not expensive. Beautiful people in beautiful surroundings? I don’t think so. I like homes that have a lived-in air about them. My friends house in southern Styria comes to mind, a real family home, always under construction and naturally grown into whatever it is at any given time. Inhabitants zipping in and out, the place created to suit their ever changing lifes and needs. Or the homes of very frugal times. Alpine huts with nothing but a stove, often enough just an open fire place, a bed, a table and bench in it.

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