one good, one bad

Yesterday I woke up to a soaring headache. Light was too much to tolerate and the noise of lawnmowers buzzing nearby drove me insane. After puking my guts out – those containing the pills I hoped to help me – I forcefed myself some dry bread in order to keep the chemicals inside long enough to dissolve and kick in. Eventually, this helped a little. So I checked my e-mails and found a nice message from home in the in-box. A friend who seemingly follows this blog read about the forthcoming wedding and suggested to meet if I happen to attend. Which I will. Both, if things can be arranged. This news cheered me up again. So the day turned out halfway decent, after all. Even though it was full of spreadsheets and planning. Obviously, all came very slow, though. As the pain was dampened but never went away completely. Will have to make up for it today. As these red fogs have finally lifted I ought to make good progress today.