Flying back to Berlin this time was different. 2009 I described it such: “Most apparent at times when I just arrive from Austria back here. I love this city and am a dedicated Charlottenburger, seemingly. Upon arrival, the plane bumping down on drifting clouds, tilting its wings toward Alexanderplatz, thundering in over Wedding and slamming down at Tegel airport runway, I am washed over with gladness.”
No gladness this time. Patamp, the tires hit Tegel runway and everything within me refuses to arrive. I wished I could stay up in the air forever. As I left Graz Sunday evening, the sun was just setting over the hills. As the plane climbed, the clock was set back and I watched the sunset all over again. My heart going out to who I left behind. Upon arrival, it was getting dark already, the city sky drained from light. As I am. Still refusing to leave, still wanting back. Still fostering the light within.

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