I am restless these days. Silent soliloquies, inner arguments having it out. Weights shifting. Things of importance seem not all that important any more. As if I were taking a leave already. With nowhere to go, really. Other than following a fixed idea of the heart. Fear of the unknown adumbrates most thoughts. This is a clash to daily routines as they present themselves in their set and rightful order. Seems, I am more black and white than even I thought I were. Patience being not one of my virtues, it would be much easier to be able to do something about it right now. But this is not possible. So I’ll just have to endure that drop out of my comfort zone. For a lot longer, by the looks of it. Just as well, I can pester you – the big, unknown cyberlot – with this, as there is no one else around I can talk to…
Changes comes to mind: “Turn and face the strange…”

2 thoughts on “changes

  1. that song offered many a save hour in the past to me 😉

    got a Portuguese cover by Seu Jorge that made some ppl (claiming to speak the language) uncomfortable, but seeing how I am not one of them, declaring an empty, deserted spot where knowledge of this language is expected to be 😉 I can point towards the strange experience & beautiful voice.

    your black & white situation reminds me of a bit I cant quiete place, always having trouble w/ that part & think best to remember it in German. Might have been said by Polonius or Claudius “Was man tun will dass soll man tun, wenn man s tun will, denn aus dem “will” wird ein “könnte”- aus dem ein “sollte” & (dann verläufts sich…) ^^
    Come to think of it it may even be Iago, but I doubt it.

    rambling, again.

    i value this song even higher than under pressure –
    this to me, is bowie in a nutshell 😉


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