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L.A. based artist David Buckingham cuts and welds recycled metal pieces to form sculptures of famous quotations, song lyrics, and pop culture symbols and objects. I love his work.
Here are a couple of movie quotes. Can you name the flicks the quotes were taken from?

David Buckingham, Failure to communicate, click=source

David Buckinham, You can’t handle the truth, click=source

David Buckingham, Do you speak it, click=source

David Buckingham, Medieval on your ass, click=source

David Buckingham, Love you long time, click=source

3 thoughts on “movie quotes

  1. not sure about the first one, heard it over & over again, most likeally quoted in reference. wanna go with Lebowski though ^^

    the last is full metal jacket, just after their camera got stolen & the pimp carts in the whore on the back of his bike.

    cant handle the truth, some military court thingy with all work & no play makes j. nicholson a dull boy. never saw it though, eine frage der ehre? ^^

    english, mofo, do u speak it? pulp fiction & cahuna burgers, say “what” one more time motherfucker, i dare ya I double dare ya ^^

    the medieval i cant place n be 100% certain, sounds like a revenge flick or torture porn. could be a follow up after marcellus wallace was freed in pulp fiction, shooting of the rapist’s dick, but way too short 2 be remembered hmmm.

    good idea though, keeps ’em alive & ppl talkin about it 😉


      1. ^^ sweet. as for tom & jack… this just shows the subliminal power of trailers broadcast on pro7 when i grew up. must have seen snippets of it ever since it was released ^^


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