I’ve had it. A week ago I strained my neck, ever since then the neck and right shoulder are sore. Not too bad, but annoying, nevertheless. Then something’s wrong with my left elbow. No idea what this is, but the sinew running over it hurts a lot. At times I am not able to bend my arm to its normal extend. Hinders me to smoke properly. People in the know about my cigarette addiction might guess, what that does to me. But to top it all off, I jammed the middle finger on my right hand in a door yesterday. Being in a hurry, running late for a business appointment, a split second of inattention caused me to have a door slam on it. And now this sucker bugs me a lot. First, typing is impossible in my regular speed. Second, every heartbeat sends a throb from its tip up my arm. Apart from the unpleasant sight, what with the nail bled in badly. It will come off, I’m sure. All in all just three minor botherings, but with the evenness, the sores are spread out, I am really unnerved by now. And all this leading up to a visit I am so much looking forward to. Fucking hell.


4 thoughts on “ouch

  1. :/ all those pesky things – like fighting a gladiator while only armed w/ a q-tip.

    left toe nail ll be a gonnnner as well. lets just chalk it up to, this being the time of year … đŸ˜‰


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