Nothing is too big to fail, not even the collective WE, as one poster of the occupy movement suggests. I start to take to their ideas, slowly. But to stay realistic, although the capitalistic system is shaken, it is not about to crumble, yet. Maybe power will shift a lot. Away from what we call the West or first world (what an irony) over to China and Russia. Simply, because their national depts are next to nothing, in comparison. And then: what would be the alternative? Any ideas? I still believe in the simple fact, that money is nothing but printed paper. Representing only, what we allow it to represent. Problem being, that where I live right now, it represents most everything it shouldn’t. By no means it represents what it is supposed to represent: the value of goods or services provided in exchange for it. This is what money was designed to be in the first place: a trading paper, a token of value, nothing more and nothing less. Given in lieu of direct goods or services. This made trading much more flexible. To ensure the value of the coins or paper given, they had to be made of something considered valuable enough (gold or some other rare material) or else be covered with the countervalue of figures printed on it. This is all gone nowadays. So maybe it is not such a bad idea to strive for a reevaluation of what money is supposed to stand for, after all. Or else, redefine, what is of value. Any persons hard work, housing, food, water, nature, to give some examples. Instead of betting papers, designed for and understandable only to those, who invented the sick game in the first place. However, the poster gallery provided by occuprint, is impressive. Here are my favourites…

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  1. unrelated: “winter is coming” is also a phrase used in the recently broadcast 1 season of Game of Thrones, based on a series of books “A SONG of ice and fire” – maybe you overheard fans of that creation more so than voiced anticipation of a seasonal change in weather patterns. ^^


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