so happy

Restarting this blog rewarded me instantly with the best news I’ve had in a long time! My best friend is starting out to do what I think, she is best at: writing. I’ve never met anyone who could use written words to draw master-paintings of emotions or interactions in my head, or cut like a knife when reasoning, making any argument crystal clear and understandable. Her art is to never rely on strong expressions but to create strong imagery. Helped along by her huge command of language, she can make written words do more than just describe: creating emotional subtext of it’s own. As if sitting opposite another human being speaking, where one is able to not only hear what is said but to also read all the other signs of expression. And the way she does it, speaks of who she is. I’m so happy, she now decided to let more people in on her, not just friends and family. Because whatever she’ll write will be a gift to anyone who cares to accept it.

5 thoughts on “so happy

  1. Ich lese von der Sprachgewalt Dritter und schaue beschääääääääääähmt auf die reichlichen Rechtschreibfehler der eigenen Einladung zurück. Schlafknappheit darf nur soweit – als Ausflucht und Erklärung gelten. Vllt sollte ich auf Wurstfinger und Palmtastatur umschwingen. 😛


  2. Not to rain on your parade – but you should be aware that this thing is going to go in baby steps. Right now I have a readership of one (you) and plan to keep it that way for a while. Thanks for the lovely words of praise and encouragement though. You are my inspiration.


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