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Found an interesting architectural article about the renovation concept for qods mosque in Teheran suggested by Arash G. Tehrani. I really like the proposal, combining ancient islamic patterns into a modern, great looking place of prayer. Especially the form of the minaret caught my attention and when I read about the thoughts behind its design, it got even more impressive.



Now, there are various personal hang-ups with this post. Why?
Because first of all, I don’t ever praise anything having to do with religion in the first place. As some of you might already know, my credo is: religion poisons everything.
Second, in this day and age, expressing anything to do with Islam has a pinch to it and is much likely to be taken as a political statement rather than whatever might have been the intention in the first place.
And third: why am I even thinking along those lines, hesitant to press the “publish” button? Is it, because I am scared to automatically fall into scan-patterns put up by surveillance systems, because I use the words “mosque” and “islamic” on a public platform? This is an awful thought to have about the system I live in. But I fear, a valid one. Or is it because I don’t want to have anything on my cyber-record to do with Islam and a culture, whose extreme manifestations horrify me? This is an awful thought to have about people and a culture elsewhere. But again, I fear, a valid one.
So what to do? Would be easy just to leave it at this and find another topic for today.

But then again: I saw the pictures of this mosque, or rather the design drafts of it, and I liked them. This blog is about sharing, what I find interesting, beautiful or noteworthy. I would not hesitate to post similar pics, if they were a draft to renovate a, say, catholic chapel, if I liked it. So I press the “publish” button.

6 thoughts on “a mosque

  1. Oh, und wenns auch in Iran verortet ist, mir fiel beim jüngsten Gesocks und Augenwischen nur wieder ein – dass x Kirchen schliessen weil viele desillusioniert sind – und zu Moscheen umfunktioniert werden. Cause that never happened before. 😉


  2. um nach dem Lesen nicht säuerlich zynisch zu werden
    sei nur eine sicher nicht allzuferne Freitodmethode erwähnt
    … jene Schlagwörter mit GPSdaten als Kommentar einstreuen und schon wird man binnen weniger Sekunden erst von webcrawlern dann bewaffneten Drohnen erfasst – und weggebombt.

    Macht der Friedensnobellpreisträger ja basierend auf Gitmo”erkenntnissen” und dortigem Ermächtigungsgesetz (Patriotacts) von olle George W noch bis heute und – wir haben noch gut ein Jahr die Chance dieses Angebot wahr zu nehmen.

    Immerhin hat das nicht jeder, vom ersten black president hinfort geschmolzen worden zu sein. ^^

    der Optimismus erinnert an Gaffigan, der ja übers Vater sein sagte: Parenthood is hard … but eventually … you die.



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