the link

My sweetheart says, watching tv educates. I say, reading blogs educates, too.

Just read a post by Mutist-II, dealing with poverty and differentiation of social systems. Based on works of Niklas Luhmann, and Serge Paugam, both sociologists, one German, one French. I think, the link Mutist-II installed between the two is valid and something I have never considered.
I got hooked on his description of “defaulting poverty” in postindustrial societies. Because, apart from the fact, that it is palpable everywhere around me, that more and more folks really struggle to make ends meet, although they work hard, even here in “rich” Germany, the “defaulting” part got me. The systematical disqualification of entire generations apart from the relatively few, whose parents are able and willing to provide for good – or elite (I hate that term for what it implies today) – education. The schooling systems get more and more selective and less permeable.

For those left out, it used to be at least panem et circenses with the Romans, but today it is just the games, I fear.