Sunday Matinée

2015 seems to start off with debating the grid in art.
Last Sunday it was the developement from stripes to squares with Joanne Mattera. This week it shall be another form of grid by Jeanne Williamson – the regular shape of construction fences, she uses as base for her artwork. Which I really like.

jeanne williamson at Saatchi

She says about this: I am very interested in working with the different grid patterns of construction fences. My artwork is a combination of printmaking, painting, collage, and sometimes stitching. At the present time, I am working on boards, or with fabric that has been stitched and stiffened, so it appears more like paper or plastic.
In 2002, I started seeing different patterns, shapes and sizes of orange construction fences as they were being used at many construction sites as a barrier to keep people out of danger, by blocking off the site.
I think in grids, and because of that, I fell in love with the fences immediately. I began monoprinting their textures and patterns. After watching the fences out in their element over time, I noticed that on hot days they can get limp and sag, and on cold days they sometimes crack and break. At times my use of the printed fence follows the grid, and at other times I like to break it apart, the same as can happen in the life of an actual construction fence.
I have been collecting different kinds of fences for many years, and have at least eighteen or more patterns in my collection, ranging in length from one yard to 50 yards long. (….) Even though I have been working with the construction fences for almost ten years, I have many ideas and inspiration as my work grows. I plan on continuing to use them, and seeing where it leads me in the future.

Let’s have a look at what Mrs. Williamson makes of orange plastic grids:









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