no end

At work, all computers were down on Monday because we got a new server installed. So I thought, I’d start the one and only thing I can do without a computer, which is filing away a years worth of membership contracts, at the same time sorting out all fulfilled ones. Just to explain: for processing, all contracts are scanned and filed with the members data set immideately. But then there is still the paper contract itself, usually stacked atop the five meters of cupboard sitting behind my desk. Whenever the stacks get so high, that I am in personal danger, I’ll have to file them away. Not one of my favourite projects. But once or twice a year it has to be done. I hoped to do it all in one day (Monday), maybe one and a half days. Last night I finished L. Took me most of Monday to just sort everything in piles from A – Z, all strewn on the floor in separate piles. M to Z still waiting for me today….a never ending nightmare.