Friday Funny

New series here on floatsome: my best loved cartoon or other fun of the week.

Serves two functions:
1 – to cheer you folks up on your way into a hopefully relaxing weekend off work
2 – to cheer myself into the busiest time of my own working week – the weekend

One should think, after 23 years in the recreational business, one is used to work odd times, when everybody else is off. But no, it still feels weird. And it still disturbs ones social life. Esp. attending parties is hard. One can’t really look forward to those Saturday evening events, knowing one has to leave early enough to feel halfway decent through the upcoming Sunday at work. This gets a lot harder as one gets older, by the way. Somehow, the recovery mode is dwindling away. I am really lucky to have found my sweetheart, who is able to adjust to my scedule. It would be next to impossible to coordinate with somebody working a Mon. – Fri. routine. I know, because this impossibility is the reason, I ended up in this line of business in the first place. Giving up my fairly regular employment to adjust to a golf professional’s routine once.
Mind you, I am not complaining. First, today’s economy produces lots and lots of people, who have to work weekends, so I am by far not the only one around. And second, one has certain benefits, too. No queueing in supermarkets on Saturday mornings. No hassle to get time off during the week for visits to the doctor or other offices.
I am just wondering about the persistency of the feeling, one should not have to work on a Sunday. Seems to be inbred, somehow. Thou shall not…

Oh almost forgot about the fun bit promised. Here it is: