Looking at this blogs header and its title, I am considering a relaunch. I started this platform seven years ago, with a different header photo. This was it in 2009:


It is a pic of my local pub just around the corner of where I used to live.
Shortly after this, I started using the present title photograph, showing two rows of my favourite books:


I paused this blog for three full years and restarted beginning of this year. With much pleasure. But looking at its appearance, I have to ask myself: is it still representative of me? When was the last time I even read a book? Maybe a year ago. A collection of short stories by David Sedaris, called “Let’s explore diabetes with owls”. Purchased on an airport, solely for its title, to shorten the flighttime. Airports seem to be the only place where I take the time to shop for a book. Used to be one of my favourite pasttimes. How come this changed? And what else changed?
First, I think, the colouring of this blogs typing and its background have to change. It looks like different shades of violet, or, to use a more elegant term, mauve. Isn’t it said, this is the shading of elderly women? Which was witty seven years ago. A little wink at ones own impression to live slightly ahead of ones own age. But now?
Writing this, I recall, that even as a child everbody estimated me a couple of years older than I actually was. Which brought me to jokingly say in my twenties, that I was curious, when I would become exactly as old as everybody thinks I am. I fear, I have missed the turn completely. This is not a big worry, just a surprise. But thinking about a layout befitting this blog, maybe even a new title, makes one consider such questions.
For lack of precise ideas, I’ll leave everything as it is just now. But somehow, in my head, there is this image of a blank, white background and letters in gray. And orange has to be there. Everything uncluttered and clear. And I’ll have to find a new header image, too. Which will have to express equanimity at best. I just don’t know, how to weave this ideas together yet. And why orange, then? Interesting questions…