relaunch done

I have been considering a new layout for this blog during the week. Didn’t take me too long to go ahead with it.
Wish, I could leave the old design for everything posted here up until now and have the changes effective as of today, only. But as far as I understand, this isn’t possible. I’d have to create an entirely new blog, if I wanted the old one to stay as it was. Something, I don’t really want. So all alterations made today effect the entire blog from its very beginning. Might even shed a new light on old entries, which I sometimes browse through. I change, my blog changes. If for better or worse is a matter of discretion.

4 thoughts on “relaunch done

  1. I didn’t look close enough – I thought it was a caterpillar – not an alien fernleaf embryo. A caterpillar would be a fitting metaphor too, don’t you think?

    Have to confess, too, that it was a little disorienting to see a new and different floatsome. But I like it! It is fresh. My late night surfing ritual (reading your blog) now has a it’s-a-brand-new-day feel to it. I may have to switch to reading it in the mornings.

    So, what is this discovery of the color orange all about?


    1. yeah, could easily be a caterpillar, too. with tiny, annoying ants filing up or down its back… So at least the choice of header pic is not too bad.
      I hope, you’ll get used to the new look. I just thought, the old version looked kinda stuffy. And maybe that’s the reason, orange came to mind, beeing a fresh, bright colour. It just popped up before my inner eye, the first instant I thought about redesigning the page. Or else, thinking about it, now you asked, maybe my old colour training kicked in subconciously. Isn’t orange the exact opposite colour to violet on the colour ring? Same as cyan is to yellow, or magenta to green? I’m almost sure. There was no premediation spent on the choice of orange, but when I tried it out, it looked good to me, so I just stuck with it.


  2. đŸ™‚

    my brain was hard at work trying to convince me the planty sprout was not some kind of embrionic alien about to burst into a cloud of mist ^^

    hooray for instant adjustments – unimmmmmmaginable to have repercussions like that – in real life, innit? ^^ And while we might think back on a younger self – never being the person we are in the present – due to minute adjustments, shifts in understanding or appreciation over time past – we still have our memories filtered through our most current version, diluted by our shortcomings, nostalgia or only ever so accurate in detail. Screenshots can refresh our memory if needs be. đŸ™‚


    1. Ah, screenshots would have been the answer. Never thought about it and now it’s too late. But never mind.
      Am glad, you like it, though. The alien embryo is a fern leaf about to unfold. But alien embryo was exactly what I thought, when I saw it first…


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