extinction by brains

Listened to part of a discussion on tv yesterday. The topic was relationships (long term couples vs. frequently changing partners). 0ne of the participating ladies claimed, that nature is designed for the survival of the species, so for the upbringing cycle of progeny, with humans taking 16 – 20 years, it might be a good idea for a couple to stay together in order to make sure, the offspring survives and turns out ok. That was, how evolution entered the discussion. And one guy said the sentence, that really caught my attention: Future will yet have to decide, whether the ability to think in humans will have been a tool for survival or extinction.
Good point, isn’t it?
Was developing a cerebrum a good idea, making us the top of the pops in nature as we know it?
Or is it a mutation, we’d better foregone as a species? For our own sake and for the sake of the rest of all nature? Given, having the ability to sit here and share my thoughts with who knows whom on this blog is one of the benefits of this developement I hugely enjoy. But are more or less brainless animals worse off for not being able to speak, think and write? Or any unhappier than I am? Thinking about the earthworms I feed in my cellar. I hope, they don’t have a worry at all. Kept in something similar to their natural environment for the time being, fed regularly, I guess, they are happy. And if not, they wouldn’t know, would they? Or looking at my cat. I don’t think, I’ll ever be as comfortable as Lilly is. Having not a care in the world, she just spends her days doing exactly what she feels like.
Come to think of it, the lesser developed species are, the more they seem to thrive. We hear of threatened species such as tigers, lions, elephants, whales and so on, all of them the top of their food chain, majestic beasts. Hunted down by humans exactly because they are the best developed among their class. So even for animals it’s not such a good idea to become top of their pops.
And let’s be honest, what do we humans do with all the intelligence gathered? Mainly destroying the planet, slowly draining it of every resource there ever was, in the process killing or abusing wildlife and livestock alike. And as if this weren’t enough stupidity, sawing off the very branch we sit on, we also fight among each other constantly. Over hypothetical constructs such as religion or nation. Or organisational matters such as way of government, trading treaties or social systems. Even worse, we exploit minimum half the human population, keeping them uneducated, even starving slaves in order to concentrate all wealth and benefits on a chosen few. Which is us. Yuck!

There is no animal I ever heard of, that would do such a thing to their own kind. So, in the long run, if humans became extinct by destroying themselves, be it by mass destruction or using up the last morsel of sustenance available, would that be such a bad thing? In all honesty, I don’t think so.

btw, the guy making this point on tv, is Wilhelm Schmid, a German philosopher who calls his line of thought “pilosophy of the art of living”. I read up about him a little and am in two minds about him. Seems to be kind of a Hera Lind of philosophers by what little I have seen of or read about him. Might be an unfair point of view, but somehow, I can’t help not liking the guy much. Nonetheless, this one sentence quoted earlier, was astute and worth considering.