Pandora’s box

Writing my last entry kind of opened Pandora’s box, with many memories I had locked in a corner of my brain, where they wouldn’t affect me emotionally anymore, escaping to the surface once again. Shaking off the dust gathered over the years. So I might bug you with some more stories from that time in the near future.

I have mulled over this part of my life many a year, thinking, reading, rethinking, trying to find my bearings. Trying to also untie those steadfast religious childhood belief-knots that often strangle reason and even experience so subtly. Pushing one back into a corner of guilt and sin and fear, where there should be only cause and effect and responsibility. Best paired with some light-hearted oblivion and/or pardon. Tell you what, the time and effort invested in this task have paid off well. What surprises me, though, is the sheer emotional power still connected with the memories, once you allow them to flood back to the surface.

For now, I think it does no harm to reevaluate past events and their effects from today’s point of view. After all, at the very bottom of Pandora’s box, after all evils have escaped, lay still Elpis, godess of hope and expectation. Nice storytelling by the old Greeks…