clearing and picking

Gardening season officially started yesterday. By declaration of yours truly.

Spent six hours clearing away winter’s rubbish. It’s amazing, how much junk and waste accumulates during a few months right by the side of a public road and walkway. Handkerchiefs, sweets wrapping, cigarette stubs, polystyrene nuggets you fill boxes with. Plus the hundreds of metallic confetti pieces, our upstairs neighbours must have thrown around at New Year on their balcony. Most of them raining down on my garden. Given, it looks lively and twinkles in the sun. But it is made of tin foil or something similar, each confetti maybe 2 cm in diameter. As it will never rot, I set out to pick it up one by one. A VERY tedious task. In the end I had a huge bag filled with waste to go to the pin. In addition to three crates of biodegradeables like leafs, dry branches and weeds to go on the compost yet to be set up somewhere.

As a result of my efforts, my little garden patch looks all nice and tidy, ready to be planted once more. And my back is sore. But this will be over by the time, the weather decides to catch up with my gardening urges. Although spring starts officially these days, there is still frost in the mornings. So I’ll have to wait a little longer to put out the first plants already sprouting in their make-shift greenhouse, made of a big, see-through Ikea storage container sitting in our living room.

I also hoped to get a glimpse of the eclipse of the sun, while out yesterday. Which I did (briefly, as I had no protection for my eyes). But I did notice the distinctive reduction of light. Not as significant as back in 1999, but still noticeable. I recall, in 1999, it was a slightly overcast day, so it got very dim, almost dark, whilst the sun was blocked out. Yesterday, with deep blue skies, one had the impression of wearing sun glasses, when one wasn’t. So, this time, the eclipse didn’t feel as spectacular as last time. But it was still nice to be able to notice. On top, spending a day out in the sun – eclipse or no eclipse – really felt great!