Mountain Man

I just read an incredible story I want to share. A certain Mr. Dashrath Manjhi, born around 1934 in India, lived in a remote village called Gehlaur in Bihar, India, ploughing fields for farmers for a living.


The next city offering shops, education and medical treatment, although located only a few beeline miles away from his village, was very hard to get to. As a mountain lies between the two, affording villagers wanting to travel to the city either a very long roadtrip circumferencing the mountain or a very exhausting and dangerous climb over it.


His wife had an accident, while climbing the mountain and medical help couldn’t be summoned in time to help her. So she died. Because of this, Mr. Dashrath Manjhi, later to be also called the Mountain Man, sold a few goats to be able to buy himself a hammer and some chisels and started to dig a road into that mountain.

chisel + hammer

He would still work the fields every day from 8am to 1pm, but he also chipped away on the mountain every day from 4am to 8am. For 22 years. From 1960 to 1982. To build a safe road from his village to the nearby city for everyone to use. Reducing the distance between the Atri and Wazirganj blocks of the Gaya district from about 55 km to now only 15 km.

Mr. Dashrath Manjhi said: “When I started hammering the hill, people called me a lunatic but that steeled my resolve.” “Though most villagers taunted me at first, there were quite a few who lent me support later by giving me food and helping me buy my tools,” He died in August 2007, respected nationwide for his achievement. I think this is amazing and really noteworthy. Have a look of what this man did: