conflict of interest

One can’t live in Germany and not be taken in by soccer, seemingly. Whereas back in Austria, this game was not so much of a topic for me, although this was at a time, when Krankl and Polster amongst others were still active and playing.

Over the years following the Bundesliga, I became sort of a Dortmund fan. I like their spirit in the team and how this bunch, consisting mainly of kids, really, slowly climbed the ladder, achieving top rankings in the league. Standing their ground and outrunning all the international stars. One could clearly see, how they lack in every aspect of the game, compared to their opponents. But for their will to try and win, nonetheless. Running more, working harder to make up for their shortcomings. On top, many a youngster brought up at BVB changed to play for the German top team Bayern München. The likes of Götze and Lewandowski. Leaving a gap back at BVB. And then many injuries befell the team, lately. No wonder, in this season their results are so so. Still, I remain a Dortmund fan.

I have no idea, how this liking of soccer came about, really. Best guess would be the Märchensommer 2006, when my sweetheart took me to watch the German world championship games at open air venues like beach bars on river Spree in the city or other real cool locations such as Freischwimmer, a makeshift pontoon bar and restaurant by the side of a canal in Kreuzberg.

Usually, I’m always very decided about which team to support. Foremost BVB Dortmund, next comes the German Nationalmannschaft, after that Bayern München (not that I like to like a Munic team much, but they are just too good and the players mainly likeable chaps, notably Müller, Schweinsteiger, legendary Neuer and, of course the crown juwels, one a Berliner and one an Austrian: Boateng and Alaba). After that I have to support Hertha BSC, although this is hard, most of the time. But Berlin is Berlin and Hertha is part of it. So be it.

Conflict of interest arises within, when Austria plays Germany. But this is easy to solve. Although I know to be on the losing side in the end, always, I also always naturally root for the Austrians. Even if they seem to play anything but soccer…
The other conflict became blatantly obvious last night: Dortmund playing Bayern. I like both teams and the art and skill of all 22 men fighting for goals. I love to see BVB do well but can not help liking the opponents, too. In the end, I was really happy to see the outcome of the penalty shoot-out. Although I had to google it this morning, as I was so tired, I fell asleep during the overtime played last night.