wishing for sunshine

Tomorrow is our public golf day, called Golf-Erlebnistag, on which we invite the public to come meet us and try out golf. All for free. This year, it is the first of two, as in summer we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the golf club with one more. However, tomorrow is the regular, once-a-year public golf day, with around 450 golf courses participating in what is called “Golf Erlebniswoche” from today on until May 10th.

This year supported by an advertising campaign by the German Golf Association with a TV-spot and various other marketing instruments. Seemingly, the recession in golf over the last years was alarming enough, to get the assembly to react with this campaign. We, the golf clubs, have to pay for it in the end (an extra two Euros per member and year over the next three years). Nevertheless, I think, the TV spot is spot on (to double- phrase) and has been aired since April, 23rd, on prime time slots.

With the campaign’s own website golfglück.de, people can look for the closest golf course offering them the opportunity to try out the sport. Every geographically relevant region for us in Berlin lists us first on it. Reason being, that our premises are really easy to get to. Plus, we (that is me, mostly) have been supporting and implementing every marketing activity on the Associations side, ever since they started out. Pays off now, it seems.

Tomorrow will be the day to find out, if all our efforts were worth it. Provided, it will be a nice, sunny day. That’s the set back in our line of business: it’s an outdoor sport. Only enthusiasts will venture out, if it rains cats and dogs. Like last year: it poured down for almost the entire day. There you are, having prepaired for at least 200 people to come out and sending staff and volunteers back home soon, as even oneself doesn’t want to go outside. I was surprised, anybody showed up at all. In the end, it was eighty people all together. The poorest turn out in ten or so years.

For tomorrow, my most reliable weather forcast predicts a sunny morning, up to 19°C max. and a 15% risk of showers in the late afternoon, right now. Pushing the rain, it forecasted yesterday for tomorrow afternoon, back to Sunday night. That sounds good enough. Come Monday, I’ll be able to tell you, whether TV advertising helps getting people up from their settees and out onto the golf course or not…

Just in case, anybody wants to see the spot, here it is:

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