running on empty

Long working days, nights too short. Although this is nothing new to me around this time of year, I start to run out of power. Am in desperate need of some rest worth the name. Two lazy days off might do the trick. None in sight, though… I might get too old for this craze.

2 thoughts on “running on empty

  1. :/ Gosh darnit – take care of yourself, woman. Falling through the cracks by wishing stuff/workload/worries away is not a viable option anymore.

    Damages incured now due to maintenence likely only a fraction of what a complete explosion of the whole shabang would mean.

    We can write it up, write this care, this break and unwinding up – under: loving oneself enough to allow for it.

    Then we may giggle as we please – like silly idiots that think of loftier or simpler things. ^^

    Take care. 😉


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