Boy, am I paying for the extra time off last weekend. It is downright crazy at work once again.

But as per usual, much of the pressure just builds up in the head. Whenever I feel, that I can’t cope with tasks at hand in time, I feel the steam rising up within. Days, where I am already full with things to do and during one morning two or three more urgent projects, proportioned to fill many hours each, pop up on top, are the days, that are also very busy with the regular crap. Phone ringing constantly, people shoving their head into my door with their (often not so urgent) questions, suggestions, complaints or whatever, so one can’t even begin to finish one of the things on the “has to be done today” list. The pressure leaking somehow into my body after a while, making my back tense up, shortening my breath until my brain kind of blurrs and I start to snap. At such times, a coffee and cigarette help me, to get back to regular breathing, at least.

I notice by the surprised faces of staff (and sometimes customers, too), that my wording must have gone to really sharp at times, making them feel, that they should be concise and quick with whatever it is, they want, when talking to me. On hindsight, I feel sorry for that, always.

Although in the end, one can’t but give it a try and after 13 hours or so, one has to pack in for the day. Noticing the exhaustion and that it is better to go home than waste more time, being not very productive any more. Leaving everything not finished for the next day. After all, I am not working in a hospital or some such place, where lives depend on what I do. I can’t begin to fathom, what work must be like for medical staff. I could never do that, really. Knowing, that someone might die, just because you can’t do it any longer. Or because you make a mistake, due to exhaustion or lack of time.

But after a good night’s sleep, and some energy left from my “long weekend” of two days off in a row, I’ll be able to cope. As there are great memories and some more nice pics to share. Today one of a tree slowly taking over a hydrant. I love this one…



One thought on “steam

  1. I hate days like the one you described – full plate and then reeling from task to task, constant distractions, mind momentarily overloading and shutting down . . .

    Just keep telling yourself that taking a day off was not the cause, it was the reason you got through it!


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