Since three days the weather is kind of cool, around 15°C, and it rains on and off.

People already complain about summer not happening. Someone showed me a funny yesterday, listing to-dos for the summer 2015:

1. knit a hat
2. change your car back to winter tires again
3. forget about your bikini-weight diet and start baking cookies

Although I like the humour in it, I can’t really understand the panic. After all, summer only started yesterday. And all year long it has hardly ever rained in our neck of the woods. All grass not watered has long since turned brown, farmers have been worrying about their crop for lack of water. Every other day I spent at least half an hour watering my little garden. Our head greenkeeper ran up a € 6.000,- energy bill in March alone, just to run the water pumps for our irrigation system. In order to get enough water onto the golf courses to keep them green. Since then, the sum rose steadily every month.

And now, at long last, there is some rainfall. 12 litres to the squaremeter yesterday, according to my favourite weather website agrarwetter.net, giving detailled, regional metereological information for farmers. But people already start to complain. I can’t agree. I like the rain…