no milk today

Despite the lyrics in one of my teenage years hymns, I like my coffee with milk. Lots of milk, in fact. And I hate to start a day without coffee. Or cigarettes. If for some unthinkable reason I were to run out of both, I probably wouldn’t be able to function at all.

Today is a half bad day. As there is no milk left. Nor any substitutional cream. So I have to have my coffee black. As this is almost impossible, yet very necessary, I put some sugar in it. To make it drinkable. Rare experience. But thus sweetened, the day might be saved.

2 thoughts on “no milk today

  1. If ever you run into diminishing returns drinking that coffee – having it do what it does for you – you might wanna try going w/o it altogether for 7-12 days. That is said to be the time needed to break the caffeine addiction and have your brain reset at it’s baselevel, whereas it previously would have asked of you – for ever increasing amounts to fend off and feed the addictionhangover, allowing you to properly function in the first place.

    Heard about it a while ago – if pushed for time you could skip the 1st two/four minutes of this 6 1/2 min clip. Cheers 🙂


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