One third done.

This weekend we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our golf club. Since weeks this event keeps me busy. Yesterday was the first President’s Trophy with a fully hosted tournament. Starting with breakfast, 18 holes of golf for 84 of our golfing sponsors and club dignitaries, plus additional 50 guests, mainly non-golfing officials and local politicians joining the party in the evening for dinner.

Today has pretty much the same scedule, for another 140 of our regular members. With just one slight difference: there won’t be that many talks talked in the evening. Instead, I hired two comedians presenting their new golf programme for entertainment. This shall be fun.

And for Sunday, we invited the so called “stakeholders” – the neighbouring village and basically all and sundry to a public day. Starting off with a morning pint and concert, the opportunity to try out golf, trick golf shows, putting tournaments, free golf on the 6 hole short course, kids entertainment and the like.

Since weeks, organizing this weekend kept me busier than usual. I don’t want to go into too much detail, just let me say, seating and writing place cards for 130 – 140 guests by hand with ink for two successive days took hours on end. Understandable, that I am not amused with those short term cancellations or extra person brought along. You know, the ones invited standing there in the evening, saying “You don’t mind me bringing my best friend along, do you?”. In fact, I do. As I actually don’t have the extra seat. Unless someone unexpectedly doesn’t turn up. Which also happens. Miraculously, in the end everthing works out, somehow. And will do so today and on Sunday.

The only thing I am not sure about, is, whether I’ll be able to make it. Yesterday, I started at eight in the morning and was home around one in the morning. Today will be the same. Come Sunday, I’ll be dead, after running the show once again. However, nothing compared to the restaurant crew, standing in the kitchen from dawn till late at night. Or running their feet off in the service. They are great!