What a week this has been. I am all exhausted, but happy. The golf part of the Maccabi Games 2015 is over and done with. With lots of media, security, police and very, very important people around.

I am proud to say, I have the best team possible. The golf course was in impeccable condition and the services provided in the golf office and restaurant were very well received and much complimented on.

But best were the players themselves. 70 odd golfers from 16 different nations, 16 cultures and 16 different views on the game of golf. All participants were extremely nice folks, some of them – namely the US team youngsters and a few of the British and German players were real good golfers, too. Benjamin Feldman of the US team broke the course record with 65 strokes on Thursday, despite the strong wind on this day. Real good fun were the Argentinians, though. They know how to have a party, even if their golf was so, so. But the liveliness, whith which they discussed everything, the laughter and fun was contagious. In the end, they received a medal, I forget for what, as most of the participants got a medal anyways. Boy, did they celebrate! Singing and dancing away, waving their colours and flag…

Weird, how after such an outstanding event, one wants to just keep on going this way. But as of today everything is back to business as usual. Feels a bit like a low, I have to admit. Today it is all writing articles, sending reports and summing all up, then a couple of days of standing in, so my staff gets some time off. But this Friday and Saturday I will get some rest, too.

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