what will remain

Nil. Zero. That is, what will remain of everybody and everything on this planet. The matter itself somehow transforms, with the help of bacteria, worms, maybe draught or moisture, pressure of more matter or whatever other influences might occur.

If you are lucky, you were able to leave some resemblance in the genepool, so somebody down the line carries on with distinct looks or movements or tone of voice, that is typically you. And then again, not you at all. But this can be recognised only by those still remembering you. Or some future people looking at media depicting you in some way, able to pinpoint the similarities.

Of course that is not true for the Shaekespeares, Einsteins, Van Goghs or Hitlers of this world. I’m talking about regular folks, here. The big majority. You and me.

In the end, there are very few, close family and friends maybe, that will keep you in their minds and hearts. With them passing away, you completely fade from memory. Dying all over again. This time without noticing. If one notices the first time, that is. Maybe stopping to notice anything at all is a good indication, that one is dead. Must keep that in mind…

No wonder, mankind often uses stone to mark graves. They last much longer than the lease for the grave does. Or the memories. I wonder what happens to those old stones removed from out of use graves, come to think of it.

As matter transformation is the one option to stay a little longer, I’d like to choose some nice change, if this were possible at all. A tree is a nice thought. For longevity, an oak would be the right choice, but I’d rather opt for some fruit tree. Apple maybe. But I’ll give this further consideration…

One thought on “what will remain

  1. I recently started to listen to the podcast of the QI elves (support staff of researchers for a panel show in the UK http://qi.com/podcast/ ) again, they list facts that can’t or won’t be used on the show but came up during research and were considered worth sharing. In it they made mention of a country orthodox and w/ very limited space, methinks it mayhavebeen Greece but I m not certain, where plots for headstones and graves are on a one time 25 year lease to be recycled afterwards (the headstones that is/ no soilent green, mind you) … recyclt into gravel. O.o think it came up during one of the football ones with either Greece or Switzerland. Hardly any football is mentioned though ^^


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